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Born the 27 of August 1957.

1979-1980 study in "Woodcarving school of Melezet".

From 1980 works in the atelier of the sculptor Pietro Lorenzoni, and practice with the marble's sculpture, and open its own atelier.

From 1995 to 1999 teacher in woodcarving and marble sculpture to the Circolo d'Arte EBDO' in Torino.

From 1997 to 1992  teacher  in woodcarving  to the "Atelier il Picchio" in the City of Coazze.

From 2002 teacher in woodcarving for children in Meana and Chiomonte primary school’s.

2004-2005 teacher of clay art in kindergarten of the City of Oulx.

From 1981participe in over 50 sculpture's contests and symposium in ice, snow, wood, sand, stone, concrete and iron in all over the world.

In the 1991 organize the 1st International Youth woodcarving symposium.

In 1992 realize several snow sculpture for the Olimpic Winter Games in Albertville (F) in collaboration with others Artists.

From 1992 to 1995 organize and participe in the Jury of the International Woodcarving Symposium of Bardonecchia City.

1997-1998 organizer and teacher in ice and snow sculpture in La Clusaz (France).

From 1998 is Art Director in the Woodcarving and in Ice Carving Symposiums of Bardonecchia City.

From 1999 is President of the Association "Scuola di Scultura Alta Valle Susa".

From 2003 to 2010  is President of all the Schools of sculpture in the Valsusa Valley.

2004-2006  is Manager for North of Italy of A.I.E.S.M. (Asociation International de Escultura Monumental).

In 2006 organizer and director of a meeting of Ice sculpture in Claviere for the XX Olimpic Winter Games.

From 1981 participe in over 30 exibitions.

Achieve 7 First prize, 3 Honorable mentions, 1 Prix d'excellence, 2 Second prize, 1 Third and 3 Fourth prize in nationals and internationals sculpture contests.

Pubblic works are in the following cities: Guadalajara (Mexico), Alajuela (Costarica), St. Pie de Guire (Canada), Rachana (Liban), Gap (France), Pineda de Mar (Spain), Kemijarvi (Finland), Rigi Kulm (Switzerland), Girifalco, Castelsardo, Bardonecchia.

Live and works in: Via Roma 128 - 10050 Salbertrand - Italy

Tel. +39 0122 85 48 24

Mob. +39 339 842 66 00

e-mail: alexrobe@libero.it